Sunday, February 06, 2005

in wellington

hello from a very sunny wellington.

arrived here on thursday night on a ferry full of drunk rugby supporters. there was a massive international rugby 7's tournament on here for friday and saturday. everyone in brilliant fancy dress.

we are trying to find somewhere to live, but it is proving quite difficult to find somewhere for only 3 months. i may have to trade the Carmy beast in and buy a camper van!! but i don't think em will let me.

i've not found a job yet, but i have been looking. i'm sure that my application at Subway as a tester will come off.

we sat and watch a state cricket match yesterday. it was not quite the same as a country championship match. i.e there were more than 5 old men in flat caps watching. in fact it was quite busy.

emily started work this morning, so i'm scouring the web for flats and jobs.

will fill in the missing part of where we have been soon.

hope all is well at home.

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