Sunday, January 30, 2005

made it to queenstown

right we have done almost 2000 miles in the wheels of steel, with only one major mechanical fault, but i will get to that.

so what have we done?

19/1 got to rotorua and went straight to the luge. top fun, riding down the mountain side on a small 3 wheel cart.

20/1 tried to leave rotorua, but the toyota had other ideas. steam was rising, but not out of the sulphur geezas. out of a crack in the radiator. so a quick call to the AA got us towed back to rotorua. so we had to stay another night while it was fixed.

21/1 managed to get to taupo (biggest lake in NZ) where emily, dan and justine jumped out of a plane at 12000 feet. unfortunaly the people said that the bear was too good looking to risk jumping. so i sat in the cafe, eating pies. (14kg to loose, if i want to do it!!!)

22/1 did the Tongariro Crossing. a 17km walk over volcanoes (Mt. Doom from Lord of the rings). very tiring, but good fun. stopped in the middle of nowhere and eat in a "locals" pub that night.

23/1 arrived in wellington, our new home, in rain!!!! doh. the only cloudy place in NZ so far. there was a massive outdoor extreme sports fest. on. lots of top resturants, bars and shopping there.

24/1 went to the NZ museum, then got the Lynx ferry to picton and drove to Nelson. Picton is amazing and the drive over the mountains was ace, if a bit hairy.

25/1 did the able tasman walk in some mad heat.

stay in touch for more info.......

ben and em

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Hello from NZ

Hello everyone.

we made it here in one piece. the flights were not too bad and singapore airport has some great showers.

we were met at the airport by the people who got emily her job. we went back to their house in Cambridge. they had a little apartment for us to stay in which was really nice.

we have bought a 1991 toyota camry. 2.5 litres of pure automatic power. told you i would get an automatic mont!!!

we then went to Raglan yesterday. it was really nice and the waves were rolling in this morning. today we drove to Auckland.

right got to go.

ben and em

Friday, January 07, 2005

fotopic gallery - benny says happy christmas

A gallery of our pictures will be at